Harmony Hour Service

Cross,Harmony Hour,Treble Clef

Following the success of Harmony Hour at St James', we decided to dedicate a service to the group singing hymns, choruses and songs learnt over the past few months.

The service was a great success with over 40 people in attendance. Several members of Harmony took part and the service was led by Tiras. The use of both piano and organ gave variety to the service. The artwork was central and a focal point throughout the service. Created out of faulty CD's, it shows that we each make mistakes and we are in reality all faulty CD's but when laid at the foot of the cross our sins are forgiven.

For the service a poem was written made up of words from those who attend:

We meet with each other for Harmony Hour

Feeling such peace and God’s great power.

Joined in unity, all of one accord

Our main objective, to praise our Risen Lord.

Here we become one in togetherness

Forgetting our woes, our pains and our stress.

Hymns and prayers lift our spirits high

Lead us to joy and with contentment we sigh.

We are blessed by the words we hear, speak and sing

Comforting, challenging, stirring and humbling.

We share friendship & fellowship with our Christian family

Exploring & singing our faith, enjoying biscuits, cake & tea!

An invitation is open to anyone who wishes to come along to Harmony Hour on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month @ St James' Methodist Church. Come along and 'Sing Your Faith'