MHA Sunday

On Sunday 14/06/20 we celebrate the amazing work by MHA across the country. We would usually hold a service and have a retiring collection, unfortunately that isn't possible at the moment. However, that doesn't stop us from donating and helping. Below is a link which will take you directly to the 'Donate Page' where you will find all the information needed to make a contribution, if you're able. From there you can also find out about the great work that MHA does and other ways you may be able to help.

How your gift can make a difference:

  • £6 could help us deliver a week’s Telebuddies service providing a regular phone call to check on five isolated older people living alone
  • £10 could provide an hour’s chaplaincy support in one of our care homes
  • £15 could buy wool for “knit and natter” sessions, helping friendships to be established and grow
  • £30 could provide an individual music therapy session, giving someone with dementia the opportunity to express their feelings


MHA Website - Make a Donation