St. James' is Reopening

On Monday 13th July, St. James' Church Council met to discuss the possibility of reopening church. After some conversation and looking at all the necessary risk assessments and safety procedures the Council voted to reopen St. James' from Sunday 19th July with services starting at 10:50am.

All suitable precautions have been taken to ensure the church can reopen safely, taking into account all guidance which has been released by the Government and the Methodist Church. A 'Live Action Plan' will be looked at weekly to ensure all measures are still being met and any new ones that may come in over forthcoming weeks.

As part of St. James' strategy for reopening, a document has been produced (attached) which will be given to everyone who attends. This document points out important information as to what we must each do before, during and after worship to ensure everyone's safety and wellbeing.

Thank you to all those who have been involved with this process. We continue to hold each church and the Circuit in our prayers as they too consider when is best to reopen. We urge people that there is no pressure to return to worship if you are feeling unwell, anxious or concerned. The service will be recorded each week and posted on St. James' website for those who have been unable to attend allowing them the opportunity to listen at home.

We look forward to welcoming people back to church.