Thy Kingdom Come 2018

Around the circuit for Thy Kingdom Come, we have used water as a focus for prayer within the church and within our communities.

The circuit has bought over 800 bottles of water to help focus our prayer activities.  We have shared water and prayer in church services and given water and prayers on special occasions.

The bottles of water are given out with prayers (often silently said) to whoever wants one.  Before the water is given out, we have prayed for the events, the people and the community we are in.  This prayer water is offered in love and prayer to whoever will receive it - just as we offer the love of God to all: Thy Kingdom Come!

The prayer water is to be given out from the Saturday after Ascension to Pentecost Sunday.

It has been given at weddings, church fairs, church services, in the streets of Netherton, in Dudley Churchill Precinct, in shops, restaurants and in streets. New have prayed with individuals, businesses, employees and employers, children and mature and all ages between. We have prayed with people of no faith, Muslims, Christians, Jews and with other faiths.

We will join the Thy Kingdom Come event at Priory Park on Pentecost (20th May) - 2:30pm - 4:00pm, but the prayer water will be given in our communities with love and prayer.