Cole Street

Sensory Service

Join us on Friday 20th April for a sensory service.

The service takes place at Cole Street Methodist Church, Netherton DY2 9PA

The service will start at 5:30pm and conclude around 6:30pm.

Join us when you can if you can't be there for the start.

We will start with food (so bring something to eat - we will provide snacks and chips)

The service is suitable for all the family.


Palm Sunday Praise

Palm Sunday Praise

Palm Sunday Praise at Cole Street was a family friendly worship event, with activities for the young people, who also helped to deliver the message of Christ's loving presence with us.

The Heart of Worship band led lively, powerful and reflective praise, enhanced by the tech team, who had worked through trying obstacles to make the service happen.

Thanks to all involved - and especially praise to God who's Spirit led the praise of the people!

To know more of Heart of Worship, visit

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